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Web Development

Websites are multifarious enough to deliver million totally different services these days. TechMayntra tends to build custom websites that are meticulously attuned to serve your business goals. Let’s stand out, sell additional, and be added with our internet development services.

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PHP Development





CodeIgniter and Yii

WordPress Development


A stunning and better-looking website is always a step ahead with customer engagement and business growth.

Core Development Service: We are making your website with perfect business goals which achieve desired ROI because we know that websites are the final marketing hubs for the digital era.

E-commerce and E-governance solutions: Power up your online store and get the leads you deserve. We make an E-commerce website for your B2B, B2C, and C2C & C2B business and a government portal that gives perfect information that users want.

CMS & Enterprise business Solutions: We are a web design and Development Company that provides Enterprise business solutions and CMS to reflect your business's face.

Middleware Development: We create API, Web services, Micro services, which give the most rewarded and result-oriented things by fulfilling your business needs.

Portals and Web 2.0, 3.0 & 4.0 Website:  We develop and design Portals and Web 2.0 to 4.0, which are the best for every business looking to showcase their brand identity and boost their existing website or applications.

PHP Development

PHP is becoming a fully-fledged, efficient, high-quality programming language. Continuous development and an enormous community make PHP the programming language of choice for many companies and projects.

At TechMayntra, We have been building websites in PHP for over 14 years. Our team has extensive experience in PHP development.

Taking advantage of our expertise in a wide range of PHP frameworks, we are able to provide you with one-stop solutions for all your PHP development requirements.



Symfony is a modern, enterprise-level web application framework that utilizes the latest web technologies. Its highly-decoupled nature provides exceptional performance while allowing full customization of virtually every aspect of the system. Symfony sets itself apart with its strong architecture, large community, developer tools, and limitless extensibility.

Our professional developers from Symfony build a personalized user interface with expertise and experience. Our experienced developer team can help you to achieve your business objectives by developing custom Symfony. 


Laravel – owing to its fast advances and architecture trends, one of the highly-known PHP web-application systems is used for project creation at the SME stage. It features an easy learning curve, code syntax, and powerful resources that render the Laravel developer the most effective option. With our expertise in web development services, we offer a top-class solution that reflects your goals in a defined timeframe at Techmayntra. We believe your web application should leverage PHP web development.


Magento is the best platform for an e-commerce website because its traffic features are extensive. This feature makes it a favorite choice for many owners of the e-commerce site.

At Techmayntra we have the creative developers who work at Magento e-commerce closely to give you a vision of reality from converting to final touchdown via the customization of Magento development services.


At Techmayntra we have the creative developers who work at CodeIgniter closely to give you a vision of reality from converting to final touchdown via the customization of CodeIgniter development services.

This PHP MVC Framework uses fast to develop the website. Codeigniter provides the database and uploads files and emails. Our creative developers perform query builder database support, form, and data validation.


WordPress Development

Our team of WordPress developers uses the best practices in the industry and state-of-the-art technical technology to design, style, and improve your market specifications value-centered by evaluating them in order to deliver creative and effective WordPress solutions for your client.

WordPress software creates new products and plugins. Our team aims to create an attractive and user-friendly website. Combines simplicity for WordPress users and publishers.

Yii Development

Yii framework is good for everyone. Yii allows maximum reusability in web programming. Our developer at Techmayntra makes the website faster using it.



Building and running applications on Windows is more efficient with the .NET Framework. If you're seeking a powerful new software solution or reviving an old legacy project, we'll help you overcome your toughest business challenges with our .NET development services.

We have a long history of successful .netframe work with our customers. Our passion is always to satisfy and excites our customers by delivering 100% of their objectives, such as their budgets and deliverables.

React Native

TechMayntra has provided a lot of value to React Native inside of the Mobile Applications, and our team believes the open-source community is beneficial as well. We designed the app to be resource-constrained and optimized for start-up, app size, and memory consumption.

our mobile app development team can create the finest apps according to your requirements, within budgets, and timelines.

Using React-Native, let's create exclusive cross-platform apps. Contact our Business Head for more information.

react native


Transform your idea of online business into a reality with us. our expert Shopify eCommerce developers with a deep understanding of online business and create a brand that inspires trust. Our goal is to offer you an online store that competes with Shopify's best themes and features.

If you need custom apps, extensions, themes, or templates for your Shopify store, our Shopify developers can provide them at a competitive price.

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