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Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in UAE That Dominated the Market (2022 Updated)

Dubai is one of the world's most intriguing places to shop for anything. UAE is home to many giant malls, the hottest fashions, designer shops, etc., where millions of consumers buy many products daily.

You must be familiar with Dubai, home to over a thousand retail stores and various other recreational venues, including an aquarium and an Olympic-sized ice rink. Dubai has experienced a significant increase in internet shopping demand throughout the years, particularly during the epidemic.

Here are the top websites in the United Arab Emirates that you should check out if you want to buy anything, including your daily necessities, apparel, gadgets, beauty goods, eyewear, and other conditions.

Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in UAE | List of Online Shopping Sites in UAE |

Carrefour UAE - Top Online Shopping Sites In UAE

Another fantastic online shopping tool for purchasing groceries and other everyday necessities. Carrefour has locations in 15+ nations, as well as in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. The first store opened in France and offered various goods at reasonable rates. Carrefour was best known for its supermarket store.

Now you can shop mobile app along with the website; Carrefour is the one-stop store for purchasing fresh goods from a wide selection of food and other items at meagre costs.

Dubizzle - Dubai Online Shopping Site

The dubizzle is an online marketplace where people can buy and sell goods in the UAE. On Dubizzle, entrepreneurs offer and purchase various services from other entrepreneurs and service providers. It’s like Meesho of India.

It is a fantastic platform for business owners since they can use it for advertising for free using photographs, videos, and an attention-grabbing description to reach their target market for selling and buying goods and services.

They can draw consumers and sellers by displaying the advertising on their social networking pages. Moreover, it offers books, electronics, used furniture, apparel, and more.

Amazon (SOUQ)- Best Online Shopping in UAE

Since Amazon recently acquired Souq, you can find all your products, including clothing, household goods, electronics, and other items, at a very reasonable price and of excellent quality. Previously, Ronaldo Mouchawar founded Souq in 2005 -2006, and it soon rose to the top spot among e-commerce sites serving the Middle East and North Africa.

The company notably refers to the things as "Fulfilled by Souq" and stores, picks, packs, and ships them. A 100% genuine and high-quality guarantee is included with these products.

Noon - Online Shopping Sites in Dubai

Do you want your products to be delivered within three to four business days? You can choose Noon to have them sooner, which is why people love this platform. 

The native Middle Eastern brand for online shopping is called Noon. It was established in 2017 and has since developed into the region's top eCommerce platform. A one-stop shop with everything you require for your lifestyle and daily needs.

You may purchase gadgets, clothing, accessories, groceries, baby items, workout equipment, and more at At Noon, you can acquire whatever you want. From Egypt, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia, you can shop at Noon. Additionally, goods supplied at Noon are offered at highly competitive pricing with attractive discounts.

Let’s Tango - Popular Online Shopping Sites in UAE

LetsTango offers a wide selection of goods to purchase. However, it’s famous for its electronics and media products.

Out of all the nations it works in, the United Arab Emirates is where Lets Tango generates most of its revenue. offers its online customers a very user-friendly buying experience with the features of living, immediate, digital shopping assistance, and several payment method options, such as Cash On Delivery and Swipe In Card at the time of delivery.

SiVVI - Leading Online Shopping Sites in UAE

The Sivvi is an eCommerce site situated in Dubai and currently offers delivery in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait. You can find the newest, most glamorous brands and discounts on Sivvi. Sivvi features high-end fashion labels, brands, designer handbags, makeup, and skincare products to get you runway ready. They occasionally also have excellent sales on luxury brands and have streamlined shipping.

Eyewear - UAE Best Online Shopping Site

The Eye is not an actual big giant in eCommerce with many different products. However, it offers eyeglasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses. It is the first online eyeglasses company in the Middle East. Every brand, starting with Ray-Ban, Nike, Lacoste, etc.

They offer reasonably priced, aesthetically pleasing eyewear options that complement your individuality. You may explore and compare thousands of stylish and reasonably priced frames on the Eyewear website. It created and developed three distinct product lines with a range of pricing points, including the fast-fashion line Blackout, the natural colour contact lens line Layla, and the lifestyle eyewear brand.

UBuy - UAE Top Online Shopping Sites

Customers recognise and trust Ubuy as a place to shop for electronics, known as an online shopping site in UAE for electronics, so if you're considering purchasing a new smartphone, laptop, or smart TV, Ubuy should be your first stop online stop. You can choose from various offers that will give you reasonably priced, high-quality goods.

In addition to electronics, Ubuy's platforms featured various other things, including apparel, jewellery, books, electronics, and items for the house.

SuperMart - Best Online Shopping Sites in UAE

The supermarket is Dubai's online shopping site, founded in 2010, where you can get all your daily necessities and house necessities, starting with groceries, vegetables, fruits, and many other things. 

It's a fantastic site for purchasing branded products and delicacies. Here you can find dairy products along with veg & non-veg food to order online.

Retold - Dubai Shopping Online Websites

Retold is a fantastic choice for those who wish to leave quick fashion but maintain their sense of style. Even if you don't want to buy clothes, you can sell clothing items from your closet that are new or relatively new but that you don't want to wear for any reason.

Retold is a unique internet store that sells previously owned clothing. It serves as a resale shop for previously owned clothing, jewellery, shoes, and other fashion accessories. By promoting sustainable fashion, this innovative method lets consumers find stylish clothing and accessories at reasonable rates and contributes to environmental preservation.


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As stated above, these are the top 10 online stores where you can find numerous discounts and deals on your purchases. These stores also offer the cheapest delivery and purchase prices.

We have included all of the top websites for you to pick from. For example, if you need electronics, choose Ubuy; the same is valid for clothing, accessories, and more.

The most well-known website in the United Arab Emirates where you can go for sales and purchases is Dubizzle.